Gallatin Valley Botanical is owned and operated by Matt and Jacy Rothschiller. 

In 2003, with a dream and a shovel, we “leased” two acres of an alfalfa field in Manhattan, MT. We seeded the beginnings of our farm with a focus on growing specialty vegetables for area restaurants and farmers markets. As our farm grew, we added a CSA program and were able to purchase 7 acres of prime farmland from Pete Fay at Rocky Creek Farm. This corner of Gallatin Valley became our home, where we worked, played, and raised our two children, Zachary and Ania. Over the next ten years, GVB became a staple in the Bozeman community, providing vegetables to local restaurants, the Community Food Co-op, Farmers’ Markets, and to families through our CSA. We began to diversify into animals, raising and selling meat and eggs along with our produce. In 2017, we acquired the neighboring Rocky Creek Farm and now operate the 57-acre parcel as one farm—Gallatin Valley Botanical at Rocky Creek Farm. The combination of vegetables, flowers, sheep, pigs, laying hens, broiler chickens, berries, bees, an apple orchard, and Rocky Creek Farm events keeps us bustling all year-round.


At Gallatin Valley Botanical, diversity and balance are crucial to our success.  We work with nature to maintain soil health and fertility. As intensive vegetable growers, it is important that we use practices to continually replenish the soil we depend on for healthy crops. This includes incorporating beneficial insects, composted manure, cover cropping, crop rotation, and inter-planting to our cropping systems.  

With appropriate timing, our animals play an important role in improving the efficiency of our farming system, by grazing down crop residue and contributing beneficial fertility.

Our produce is seeded, planted, harvested, washed, and packed by us, CSA working members, and farmhands, who work with us to learn about direct market farming. As we become increasingly diverse, we continue to work towards a financially and ecologically sustainable farm that can help feed our neighbors and build a community. 


Our farmers

Our farm runs on the dedication, enthusiasm, and love of food and flowers of the farmers that join us every year!